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ARIOSA - Hoeilaart (Brussels)


The Ariosa Riding Club is located near the train station of Groenendael. This makes the club very easy to reach by train.
Adress is :
Groenendaalsesteenweg - Chaussée de Groenendael 141 1560 HOEILAART

There is just one road to cross to reach the "Forêt de Soignes".

Horses, stables and facilities

At the entrance of the venue, a large parking area with at the left side, a first row of boxes. At the right side, the clubhouse. In front, the restaurant and behind it, another row of boxes. At the extreme end of the property, the inside arena ((24m x 30m) where lessons take place. There are no possibilities to turn-out the horses nor pastures at the property. Pastures when horses are put on rest are located 5km away from the stables.

There are approximately 25 horses and 25 ponies (ranging from small Shetlands to double size ponies). Most of them belong to the club. There are very few owners boarding their horse at Ariosa.

Main riding activities

Ariosa proposes :

  • group riding lessons in the inside arena

  • private lessons given by Alain Vanneste (owner) or the riding instructor

  • horse trekking (promenades) in the Forêt de Soignes.

Clinics and holidays activities

During school holidays, Ariosa organizes full day clinics for the children. Other clinics are also taking place for adult riders.

Horse trekking abroad

Several times per year, the stables provide to its riders horse trekking of one day or one full week-end at the North Sea or in the Belgian Ardennes.

Poney games

Several teams of poney games are performing at Ariosa, at various levels. One of them is staffed by children belonging to the CEUE and performing under the CEUE's colors.

Leasing of horses

The stables do not lease horses to riders willing to go alone in the forest. Trekking are always done with an accompanying rider from the Ariosa club.

Other events and activities

Several times per year, Ariosa organizes a "Theme party" in the clubhouse. These events are open to everyone.

At special request, Ariosa can organize Birthday Party for the children : to be arranged with parents.

Clubhouse / Restaurant

After riding (or while partners and/or children are riding), one can relax and have a drink at the clubhouse. The restaurant (proposing a full menu and the dish of the day) is also available.

General comments

Ariosa is according to his owner, Alain Vanneste, a riding club focusing on all-levels riders. A large range of riding lessons are attended by newbies willing to learn the basics of riding. This is also the case of "Holiday courses" organized for children where many of them are attending the course for the first time.

Some photos

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